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Thanks for visiting our website. I'm Dan, the Owner and Engineer at Mill Springs Studio.

My Story...

I am an audio engineer with 30 years of practical experience. When I was growing up, music was always present in our home which sparked my interest in playing the guitar at an early age. It wasn't long before I discovered that I could record music to my Sony dual-tape deck, making simple but creative multi-track demos straight from my bedroom. With the desire to add to the demos, further interests developed to learn other instruments such as the piano and drums. This added skill set offered me the chance to be the drummer for an original band in the late 90's. Our debut release supplied multiple opportunities for me to learn about the recording process both in and out of the studio.

Being a home recording enthusiast since 1992, I eventually obtained accreditations from the Audio Institute of America for recording engineering in 2004. During this time, my recording experience was further developed by recording solo career material, from demos to full productions, which can be listened to from any of your favorite streaming platforms today.

In 2018, a prototype for the studio was created with investments in added education, equipment, and new material. What I realized during the prototype process was that while creating my own material was fun, my real passion and interest was in the engineering side of producing music. With this discovery and a change in location, the concept for Mill Springs Studio was born.
We invite you to start a conversation about your project and learn how Mill Springs Studio can help make your next release be the best one to date!


- Danny


We believe that investing in yourself and your music is one of the best decisions that you can make.  Let's connect today!

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