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Our Services

Our hybrid studio boasts an API console, classic microphones such as Neumann and AKG utilizing both analog hardware and state of the art software to bring your projects the best of both worlds.

Studio Tracking // $350* per day

We will spend time confirming our direction, ensuring your vision is front & center of each of the decisions we make in the tracking process. Communication is key and being comfortable knowing you are in a safe space to create is very important to us. If it's not right on tracking day, we are compromising the quality of your project.

*discount of $100 / day applies if your project includes mix & mastering.

Mixing // $150 per song

This is where the song comes to life. You have done the heavy-lifting for fine-tuning the arrangement, lyrics, tempo, key, etc. We have captured captivating performances during the tracking and have made the necessary edits as needed to realize your vision. Now it is time to balance the tracks using volume, panning, EQ & compression to evoke emotion from the listener.

Live Studio Videos

Build your EPK and create content for your online profile by performing live in front of the cameras to create a professional video that showcases what you truly sound like in a live environment. Contact us for details!

Collaboration // $250 per day

Our core belief is to serve the song. We work hard to make sure this is present in everything we do. With that, collaboration often is a great choice for an artist who may be stuck and is looking to finish what they've started!


examples: from songwriting, pre-production development [key, tempo, lyrics, arrangement, etc], instrumentation support [playing instruments on your track] to artwork & a media release strategy.

Live Recording

We can go on the road with you to record live at the venue of your choice. With audio only, or with our in-house videographer to create professional video content to pair with your audio. Prices vary by location and details. Contact us today!

Mastering // $50 per song

When your project balance is paid, we will engage our mastering chain to add a bit of studio mojo & bring your tracks up to industry standard for the platforms you will distributing within.

Song Packages

Single (1) // EP (2-6) // LP (7+)

Prices vary depending on certain factors like pre-production completeness, number of songs, number of instruments per song, etc. Contact us & share more about your project with either a Phone Consultation or better yet in-person Studio Tour!

Release // $25

Once you have your 2-track mastered stereo file, it is yours to distribute however you would like. This is your music and Mill Springs Studio is happy to be a part of the process of what you have created. If you have your own distribution channel set up, (TuneCore, DistroKid, CDBaby, etc.) that's perfect!. If you do not, ask us about "The Mill Springs Studio Collective." We are happy to distribute your music on our platform.

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